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Treading Water


95 minutes

Lauren Himmel

Production Year

Short Film


Cute girls, great script, truly enjoyable lesbian movie!

"One of the best lesbian-themed indie films in years." —AfterEllen.com

"Outstanding!" — Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times

Casey (Angela Redman) has rejected her privileged upbringing and restores old boats for a living. She lives a cozy life with her beautiful social worker girlfriend Alex (super sexy Nina Landey) until her stuffy family demands that she come home for Christmas – without Alex.

Casey is a longshorewoman who seems to have everything she wants; she and her girlfriend Alex are very much in love. But there’s nothing like the holidays to bring out the drama of the average family. Casey lives just across the bay from her upper crust New England family. The proximity seems no accident: Casey can’t quite let go, despite her family’s judgmental and inescapable hold on her otherwise independent and unconventional life. When the family reunites for Christmas, the unwrapping of presents takes a back seat to the unraveling of emotions.

Beautifully filmed on the New England coast, Director Lauren Himmel uses great care in avoiding stereotypes and clichés to fashion a tender, subtle, tense and sometimes funny look at repression and the idea of family.

DELUXE EDITION: This special Deluxe Edition comes with a Bonus Extra extended love scene featurette!

Treading Water

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