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Judas Kiss


94 minutes

J.T. Tepnapa

Production Year



The super hot gay drama with Charlie David, Richard Harmon and Brent Corrigan!

"A sexy slice of mystery drama with a dream cast and high production values; Judas Kiss will rank high on many ‘best movie’ lists at year’s end." —ThatGayMovie.com

STARS: Charlie David, Richard Harmon, Timo Descamps and Brent Corrigan

Prolific out gay actor Charlie David (Mulligans, Dante’s Cove) stars as gay filmmaker Zachary Wells. While serving as a film festival judge, Zach has a one night stand with handsome student filmmaker Danny Reyes (adorable Richard Harmon, AMC’s The Killing) — who turns out to be competing for a scholarship that Zach must award!

Mysterious coincidences abound: "Danny Reyes" is Zach’s actual birth name and Danny’s film entry has the same title as Zach’s film that won the festival years before. With his own career in shambles, Zach sees Danny making the same mistakes he did — and he decides to take matters into his own hands.

With hotties Sean Paul Lockhart (aka adult-fave Brent Corrigan) and Timo Descamps rounding out the collegiate cast as Danny’s fellow students — Judas Kiss serves up a highly entertaining gay dramatic feature film experience!

DELUXE EDITION: This deluxe edition also includes a terrific 22-minute bonus extra behind-the-scenes featurette!

Con subtitulos en español.

Com legendas em português.

Please note your rental or purchase also includes the Spanish and Portuguese subtitled versions of the film as well.

Judas Kiss

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