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We Have to Stop Now


73 minutes

Robyn Dettman

Production Year



Starring Cathy DeBuono, Jill Bennett and Suzanne Westenhoefer!

Lesbian therapists Kit and Dyna have it all: they’re a power couple, they each have a thriving practice, and they’ve published a best-selling book called "How to Succeed in Marriage Without Even Trying." But Kit and Dyna also have a problem: right before the book came out, their relationship started falling apart. Naturally, they don’t want anyone to know. They are secretly in couples counseling, and so far, it’s not going well. And life is about to get a lot more complicated: Kit’s flaky sister has parked herself on their couch for the indefinite future, and a film crew has arrived to document their "perfect" marriage.

"Cathy and Jill know what it takes to make you watch . . . once they start you can’t take your eyes off of them." – Advocate.com

This deluxe edition comes with a terrific bonus extra: "The Characters Behind the Characters" 10 minute featurette!

We Have to Stop Now

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