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Kamikaze Hearts


78 minutes

Juliet Bashore

Production Year



The provocative lesbian classic — First time on digital!

Provocative and irresistible, Kamikaze Hearts is a raw story about the intensely passionate relationship between legendary adult film star Sharon Mitchell and her girlfriend Tigr. From their first meeting Tigr is mesmerized by "Mitch” — by her joie de vivre and flamboyant sensuality. Tigr's life is changed forever when she is drawn underground into Mitch's world, a world of strip joint rock and roll, mainlined cocaine, and high-paying commercial sex.

This classic 1986 underground lesbian drama was filmed on location in San Francisco, notorious home of the XXX film industry, where the North Beach red light district provides an existential backdrop to Tigr's dark odyssey.

Stylistically, Kamikaze Hearts is best described as a dramatic documentary. But this is not a "docudrama" in the made-for-TV-movie sense, with actors portraying "real people" in "real situations." Tigr calls it a docudrama, an intensely personal narrative with real people playing themselves in scenes from their lives.

Additionally, a documentary camera crew follows Tigr and Mitch through the production of Gerald Greystone's ill- fated sex opera version of Bizet's Carmen. Into the fabric of this eccentric footage, director Juliet Bashore has woven a bizarre drama by turns absurd, ironic, ridiculous, and simultaneously brutal, disturbing, even tragic.

Kamikaze Hearts resists easy classification. It is complicated, stirring, and controversial.


- San Francisco Chronicle

"A startling, potent and continuously riveting film with no taboos left to break."

- The Village Voice

Kamikaze Hearts

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