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Defying Gravity


97 minutes

John Keitel

Production Year



This poignant collegiate drama deftly unfolds the coming out process of macho fratboy, Griff (Daniel Chilson), who falls in love with his openly gay friend Pete (Don Handfield) and grapples with his changing sense of self.

When Pete is gay-bashed (by an "unknown assailant") Griff is faced with the choice of coming out or knowing his lover's gay-bashers will go free if he remains silent. Coming out to friends, frat brothers and society is alot for one young man to bear. But weighed against the survival (and the heart) of the man he loves, Griff begins the process of being true to himself.

What the critics are saying:

Bright Lights Film Journal admired Defying Gravity as "a sweet film about queer fratboys in love" while The Austin Chronicle appreciated the film as a "finely modulated melodrama." The San Francisco Chronicle glowingly described Defying Gravity as "sophisticated and unexpected," and went on to applaud director John Keitel for: "telling a gay story within the ragingly hetero, beer-swilling, chest-pounding context of fraternity life."

WINNER: Best Feature Film - Austin Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

WINNER: Audience Award for Best Feature - Cinequest: San Jose Film Festival

Defying Gravity

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