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Just The Two of Us


75 minutes

Barbara Peeters, Jacques Beerson

Production Year



Two lonely housewives find love in this vintage lesbian exploitation drama!

This wildly entertaining vintage lesbian exploitation film tells the story of a pair of lonely housewives who fall into bed together after seeing a lesbian couple holding hands at a restaurant on Sunset Boulevard.

The slightly butch Denise (Elizabeth Plumb) falls big-time for her ultra-femme pal Adria (Alisa Courtney). Life is all peaches and cream for the lovebirds: They go horseback riding together, play mini golf and go to the carousel on the Santa Monica Pier. But when man-loving Adria falls for swarthy hack actor, Jim (John Aprea, who you’ll recognize from The Godfather), Denise is left out in the cold—easy prey for the British seductress Mona (Elizabeth Knowles) who gets her stoned before trying to defile her on a pool table.

Jim eventually dumps Adria and the film manages to end on what, for 1975, is a definite up-note. The two women walk into the sunset together (crying, but together). This vintage lesbian melodrama has it all: Contrived dialogue, hilarious early ’70s fashion design and sets to die for (avocado shag carpet, anyone?). Whether you want to re-live the agony of being a lesbian in the ’70s, get a bit of perspective on how far we’ve come, or just have more fun than you’ve had in ages—this is the movie for you! Director Barbara Peeters worked with Roger Corman and was a Feminist exploitation film pioneer.

"An extraordinary lesbian love story from 1975." – Quest, Wisconsin Gay News

PLEASE NOTE: This digital transfer has been mastered from a rare 35mm archival print. The film is complete and unedited, but in poor condition after years of wear and tear. The original 35mm print of this film has been donated to Outfest’s Legacy Project at UCLA Film & Television Archive, the pioneering program for LGBT film preservation.

Just The Two of Us

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