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94 minutes

Rob Moretti

Production Year



Sean Paul Lockhart stars in this sexy psychological thriller!

A psychological thriller about a seemingly innocent love affair that goes terribly wrong, Truth features a star-making performance by Sean Paul Lockhart. A chance internet encounter brings the cute, affable Caleb (Lockhart) and the hunky older Jeremy (writher-director Rob Moretti) together. Jeremy seduces the vulnerable young man with compliments, attention and the promise of a secure relationship. Caleb succumbs to the advances and a sensual affair begins. But beneath Caleb’s shy smile and innocent eyes lies a troubled young man, and Jeremy harbors his own dark secrets and lies which, together, threaten the relationship. This budding romance soon triggers an unexpected chain of events as trust is violated, tempers rise and the destructive side of love takes over.

Lockhart (Milk, Judas Kiss) is amazing (and very sexy) in a demanding role that exposes the hidden demons buried deep inside each of us.

DELUXE EDITION: This special Deluxe Edition comes with a Bonus Extra 15-minute featurette!


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