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89 minutes

Colette Bothof

Production Year

Short Film


"Charming...a sweet love story." — AfterEllen.com

"A Dutch Fucking Åmål (Show Me Love)." — Cinemagazine

"More than your average lesbian flick...a complex, interesting coming of age story." —Lesbian.com

In this beautifully crafted Dutch drama, lesbian love blossoms between 16 year-old Anne (Sigrid ten Napel) and newcomer Lena (Jade Olieberg) in a smalltown in the Netherlands.

The summer is sweltering and hot in a village where everyday life is dominated by the humming power plant. Anne and her friends spend their days biking through the winding roads that lead nowhere and everywhere - it's a time of adventure and youthful awakening. Anne, however, feels like an outsider, until she meets Lena, a new girl in town who is mixed race, rides a motorbike, wears leather, and is different from everybody else.

The two girls rapidly fall for one another and young love unfolds in all its tender awkwardness.

Audience Award Nominee for Best Film — Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

"Shy Anna... finds the courage to confront prejudice when a sexy biker girl moves into her rural Dutch town." — British Film Institute

Dutch with English subtitles


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